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Terms & Conditions

Multimedia Entertainment Systems

Caska UK is a trading name of TT2, This is a legal contract between ‘YOU’ the Buyer and ‘TT2’ the Seller from here on referred to as Buyer and Seller. The Buyer ‘YOU’ and Seller ‘TT2’ shall agree upon the following terms and conditions prior to any transaction being agreed upon and transacted for goods or services.

Multimedia Navigation Receiver Systems will be referred to as ‘MMI units’ from here on.

MMI units are direct replacement vehicle Audio systems.

MMI units require specialist knowledge of installation and installation must only be carried out by trained professionals.

The term ‘plug and play’ is only reference used for trained specialists whom will carry out the installation of the MMI unit. The term ‘plug and play’ should not be understood or taken into account as a product or procedure easily acted out.

The manufacturer and we the seller both highly recommends MMI Units to be installed by a trained professional.


The product

MMI Unit functions vary between models and are listed at time of advertisement.

The MMI will work to functions as described at time of advertisement although operational software may change without notice according to manufacturer’s preferences; this may cause characteristics of functions to operate differently than advertised although the function will remain. In the event a complete function is removed we will notify or update advertisements prior to sale.

All MMI units are thoroughly tested before dispatch, each function is tested and photographic images recorded of the cosmetic appearance of the unit including recorded list of ancillary cables or harness.

A photographic record is taken of all accessories supplied before dispatch.

The unit is designed for the vehicle it is intended for; if it is fitted to a vehicle it is not designated for your warranty terms will be void and you will not be entitled to any cash reimbursement.

The MMI unit will provide support to 3rd party products manufactured in or around the time of the MMI unit’s manufacturer. We cannot guarantee compatibility of other future 3rd party products interacting with the MMI unit other than those in Market at time of MMI unit sale.

For Example; A Playstation 2 games console cannot support PlayStation 6 games.

All losses of standard features in vehicles original state is disclosed as per MMI model to its intended vehicle.

We will disclose any product defects or compatibility losses in advertisement or prior to sale whether cosmetic, hardware or software based.

For example; Will my instrument cluster between dash dials still display Radio station name? All compatibility losses will be stated in advertisements or prompted when questioned at time of sale.

Additional integration, MMI unit advertised will show all functions and capabilities, due to the nature of MMI units using Windows based operating systems, other retailers may offer the same product with other superior functionality, in the event you use or download software or firmware other than what is recommended by us or included in your package and as a result the unit becomes unstable or renders faulty, we the seller will refuse and void your warranty terms.

For Example; a mobile phone sold through a network operator will bear the operators preferred features, once the phone is maliciously unbranded other features may become available, upon visiting your retailer if any faults occur by un branding, unlocking, unauthorised software updates, your retailer will refuse to handle the phone and your warranty is instantly void.

The MMI unit is manufactured, built or assembled according to United Kingdom and International laws, therefore any changes to software or hardware found, not available from us the seller, will void warranty.

The MMI unit if advertised as or with navigation receiver hardware will require software to enable usage.

Software for navigation is not provided. Additional costs will be incurred to purchase software, we the seller is not required to provide software for your navigation receiver.

For example; A Playstation games console at different point of sales does not include any games.

Advertisements showing Navigation software incorporated will clearly show individual cost of software and individual cost of MMi unit then showing a total cost.

Navigation Software if provided is a 3rd party product, you have a duty to research the type of software provided is to your liking before breaking seals of packaging or registering software.

The MMi unit when received should be in reasonable time (7 working Days) fully tested by you, to verify all the operations are working as advertised.


Refunds or Returns

Online customers have a 7 days cooling off period.

If no solution can be provided and unit needs to be retuned for inspection or diagnostics and repairs, before returning a product, a Valid RMA reference number must be obtained via email confirmation.

You are responsible for the return of goods.

Return carriage costs are to be met by you.

Any software i.e Navigation software must not be used, registered or have seals broken. If Navigation software seals are broken the Navigation software value amount will be retained upon any refunds.

MMI units must be returned in original state without grazing; markings or bruising, Original packaging other than protective film must be returned intact.

All cables must be returned with support cables i.e iPod leads, amplifier connections and any other cables of this nature.

All cables must be returned in its original state without dressing materials used at time of installation.

For Example; Any cables returned with sticky tape attached will incur removal charges.

Refunds will be refused if returned items do not meet the above conditions set.

Unless stated otherwise deliveries may take up to 30 days.


Faulty Items

Any faulty items received must be reported within 7 days, after 7 days and within 6 months items will be repaired or replaced.

Any item over 6 months will be repaired under manufacturer’s warranty by the seller. Warranty replacements could take up to 28days and will not be reimbursed to your warranty days whilst in our custody.

Any signs of misuse, wear and tear or accidental damage we retain the right to rectify.

Any fraudulent claims or MMI units being maliciously damaged to obtain an cash reimbursement will be reported to Police and MMI unit will be retained, you will be liable for all legal fee’s.

All online sales are subjected to the above terms and conditions, any online purchases paid via PayPal or Ebay or any other payment/auction agency with collection from TT2 will require valid Passport and Drivers License also for the prevention of fraud we will require a thumb print on the collection note.

These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.