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Explore Caska Galaxy Interface

Galaxy - Caska's Powerfully Advanced Operating System

The Caska Galaxy Operating System's takes in car entertainment further than ever before, hosting a variety of entertainment features from DVD, MP3, DIV X Playback to iPod Compatibility, Bluetooth and Sat Nav software. What's more, any interaction that requires immediate action (i.e: an incoming call) appears on the top of any other screen so you can manage it with a single screen tap. Upgrading to Caska from your in car factory unit, couldn't be easier as the all Caska Units are designed specifically to the vehicle it’s designed for.

Caska HD 800x480 Digital TFT

Caska HD 800x480 Digital TFT

Intelligent Parking Assistant System - Optional Extra

With our Intelligent Parking Assistant system every time you shift into reverse gear, information
about the cars rear is displayed on the units screen. The Options available are

Caska Parking Sensor Display Reverse Camera Only
Parking Sensors Only Camera Only
Reverse Camera & Parking Sensor Display
Parking Sensors and Camera



Main Menu

Caska.co.uk - Caska Main Menu Interface


Virtual CDC

Caska Interface CDC Menu

Copy the music from CD or MP3 to virtual CDC, store upto 6 CD Albums...
Simple to use, no more cd's clogging up yor glovebox. and the usual
reading errors, dust, shockproof that occurs with CD's.

DVD Touch Screen Operation

DVD Touch Screen Operation

DVD keyless touch screen operation, choose your selection on DVD menu directly.
Fast disc reading, of about 5-6 seconds.
Features auto memory for USB,SD,CD after shut down.
Optimize the DVD circuit, reduces power expenditure, increases stability.


DVB-T Tuner - Optional Extra

Bring the most popular entertainment in the world into your own car. The optional extra DVB-T receiver is compatible with the MPEG2/MPEG4 format of most digital broadcasts. The digital TV can be accessed and controlled using the CASKA's touch screen - there is no need of remote control.

DVB-T Tuner - Optional Extra

For channels available and coverage check http://www.freeview.co.uk/

Note: As digital television requires a good signal, the amount of channels available and reception quality will vary depending on the strength of the signal and the landscape of the area you are in. Unlike with analogue TV where a weak signal might give a poor but watchable picture, with digital it is all or nothing. Generally speaking in a good signal area a decent selection of channels will be available when stationary but reception on the move can be variable.


Bluetooth Hands Free

Caska Phone Keypad Menu

Call-in number display
Record number for call-in and call-out
Dialing number display

Caska Phone History Menu

Phone Call History

Bluetooth Music Player

    Bluetooth music player


Radio Functions

Caska Radio Menu
Can store 24 station, and supports RDS.


iPod Ready

Caska iPod Menu
iPod support
Operate iPod directly with touch screen. It can play
MP3/MP4 music, pictures and movies.


Sound Settings
Dual Zone Function, background can work individually.

Caska Sound Setting Cont..
Caska Sound Setting


Video Menu
Caska video Settings Menu

Adjust Screen Brightness and Contrast


Steering wheel control

Adjust Sterring Whell Controls

Adjust steering wheel control settings via touch screen

Sterring Wheel Control Calibration
Steering wheel calibration
Capatible with the majority of car steering wheel controls


EQ Mode

EQ Mode - 3 types of Spectrums Available

3 types of Spectrums Available